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Our Approach to Asset Allocation, Diversification and Rebalancing Services

Is it a good time to be in stocks? Or should I have my money in bonds? You've probably asked yourself these questions. The media grapples with this dilemma on a daily basis. Every day, there are a myriad of experts and analysts who attempt to predict the short term outcome of the stock and bond markets. We believe it isn't possible to be successful in "timing the market". Our approach is to allocate your investments among a diverse and consistent set of stock and bond funds. This is called Asset Allocation.

Asset Allocation works on two levels: among categories of investments, (asset allocation) and within asset categories (diversification). First, we use clients' ages, risk tolerance, health, available cash flow, and current tax rate to determine the most comfortable allocation among stock & bond funds. Stocks provide long-term growth, but it is impossible to anticipate or capitalize on them in the short-term on a consistent basis. Given the current low interest rate environment, we believe bonds are more defensive investments and give investors the courage to buy and hold stocks. In other words, your allocation should be balanced enough to let you sleep at night. We diversify your stock and bond funds within such categories as Large-Cap "Blue Chip" stocks, Mid-Cap, Small-Cap, and International, including Emerging Markets. Among bonds, we desire a diversification among Short-Term, Intermediate, High Yield and Mortgages.

Over time some of your investments may become out of alignment with your original investment goals. Stocks may outpace bonds. Drawing from principal & income in retirement will affect your allocation. Periodically, we suggest rebalancing your investments back to your original goals. We meet with you every six months to review performance and determine when rebalancing is necessary. This may require selling stocks. The goal is to maintain a comfortable level of risk and reward. Altogether, determining the right asset allocation for you, and periodic rebalancing, will produce the best returns over the long-term.

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